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Tarago and Innova: Toyota’s International Success Doesn’t Stop

The Toyota Tarago - sold only in Australia - and the Toyota Innova - sold only in India - are two similar vehicles from one of the world's most trusted automakers. In fact, both vehicles are highly regarded by the critics and well suited to the markets in which they compete.

Take the Tarago to begin with. The vehicle, like the Innova, is a sporty, four-door 'people mover' with stylish, aerodynamic lines, a futuristic driver's seat, touch-screen information console, loads of safety features, and the most appealing feature for those looking to transport large numbers of people -- seven to eight seats.

Tarago comes in a range of vehicles, from a four-cylinder GLi and four-cylinder GLX (the GLX includes more bells and whistles than the GLi) to the six-cylinder versions of both vehicles. This is in fact one of the most recognizable people mover vehicles in Australia and also one of the most trusted: most Australian car review sites say the latest Tarago does not disappoint - the vehicles handles well, and the six-cylinder engine in particular has been described as providing 'ample acceleration', which makes for an 'effortless' drive, especially when overtaking other vehicles. 

The Toyota Innova, which is only sold in India, is built on the same design as the Tarago and offers many identical features and design specifications. For instance, the Innova holds the same number of people, features a similar-looking touch-screen console and offers the same outstanding safety features, including duel SRS airbags, anti-lock brakes, and a specially-designed 'GOA' body that is engineered to minimize damage or injuries in the case of an accident. The Innova even features a back camera display, allowing drivers to more safely and effectively watch their back while backing out of a parking space or alleyway. 

Drivers in India describe the Innova as a comfortable, smooth ride that is a dream to take on long trips or a morning commute on the highway. Several sites have also noted how the Innova has only improved over previous editions, with a more well-apportioned interior in the recent model, better interior controls, including Bluetooth connectivity and a flexible interior, with seats that are able to be moved for storage and transportation of goods, or for transporting people.

If the reviews and design specs are any indication, both the Innova and the Toyota Tarago will be two more international success stories for Toyota.

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