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BMW R Nine T Cafe Racer Motorcycle

BMW R Nine T Cafe Racer Motorcycle 1 1024x768 BMW Motorrad launches R nine T

BMW R Nine T Cafe Racer Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad has launched the R nine T motorcycle in India. The bike is one of the cooler looking BMW motorcycles since it is based on a cafe racer theme. The BMW R nine T is priced at Rs. 23.5 lakhs ex-showroom Mumbai and is a straight CBU import from Germany. This bike is called the R nine T as it celebrates BMW Motorrad’s 90 years of existence in the motorcycle business. The R nine T comes with a detachable pillion seat that can be replaced by a racing cowl to give it a more sporty look.

Honda Amaze compact sedan to get engine noise reduced

Honda Amaze compact sedan
2013 Honda Brio Amaze Compact Sedan 1 Honda plans to reduce engine noise on Amaze and City Diesels

Honda’s 1.5 liter iDtec diesel engine has allowed the company to make a big comeback in the Indian market. Both cars using this engine, the Amaze and the City, have done very well. The main reason for the good sales of the Amaze and the City has been the fuel efficient 1.5 liter diesel engine.

The engine suffers from a slight issue. The issue we’re talking about is the noisy clatter that it makes. Since the 1.5 liter Honda iDtec engine is built of aluminium, it is noisier than diesel engines found on other cars. The diesel engines on most cars are made of cast iron and this material absorbs noise better than aluminium, resulting in a quieter engine.

To solve this, Honda should have added a lot of sound deadening in the Amaze. It didn’t happen and the Amaze Diesel continues to be a noisy car. Honda made some corrections in the City and gave the car more noise insulation. The result is that the City is much quieter than the Amaze.

The upcoming Mobilio will get even more insulation and become quieter than the City as well. The same approach will be followed on the Jazz too. All four cars mentioned above will use the 1.5 liter iDtec diesel engine. Honda plans to make the Amaze quieter next year. The compact sedan will get a facelift next year end when Honda will also add extra sound deadening on the diesel models.

It’s good that Honda is taking car buyer feedback seriously and making the required changes. The Indian car buyer is no longer in the Ambassador-Premier Padmini era when noisy engines were tolerated as normal. Modern day cars, even diesels, are very refined and Hyundai’s latest diesel cars are good examples of great refinement. Since Honda is quickly addressing the issue, more buyers are expected to queue up for diesel cars bearing the straight H logo.

Test Ride Joyful TVS Star City+

TVS Star City+, as the name says company wants this bike to be the star performer in the high volume commuter segment which is primarily targeted at Indian city consumers. In this relay race, to challenge the well settled competitors, Star City+ takes the baton ahead from the hands of TVS Star City which again is the successor of TVS Star. Understanding the importance of entry level urban commuter segment and revenues generated in that segment, engineers in Hossur had big responsibilities on their shoulders while designing this next generation bike. This 110 cc bike comes with all the weaponry essential to threaten the bikes like Hero Splendor+, Honda Dream Neo, Bajaj Discover 100 series, Mahindra Centuro and many other similar bikes. We got a chance to test ride the bike on the city streets of Mumbai. Let us explore the Star, which shadowed the star of Indian cricket MS Dhoni in TV commercials, and find out its core competence areas.

TVS Star City+ 3D Emblem TVS Star City+ Test Ride Review 2014!

Appearance:  (4.3/5)

Highlights: Attention to details like 3D emblem, faux mesh on side panels, Apache like engine housing design, contrast stitching on seat, silver finished rear coil spring and grab rails etc.; adds an extra pinch of flashiness and makes the Star City+ look premium compared to other bikes in the segment.

2014 Bajaj Pulsar SS 200

Bajaj has been testing the Pulsar SS 200 for a long time now. Images of the bike having reached dealerships came in months ago and yet, Bajaj hasn’t given any hints of when they plan to launch the machine. We have just received a fresh spy shot of the SS 200 or possibly the SS 400. Our spies tell us that the bike appeared bigger and lengthier than the test mules seen before, but as the spy shot looks similar to what we have seen so far, we can’t say if it’s the SS 400 with absolute certainty.

2014 Bajaj Pulsar SS200 2014 Bajaj Pulsar SS 200 Spied

2014 Bajaj Pulsar SS200
Pulsar SS 400 side fairing 2014 Bajaj Pulsar SS 200 Spied

Beijing 2014: Audi TT offroad concept unveiled

The Audi TT offroad concept is claimed to "combine the sportiness of a coupé with the lifestyle and utility of a compact SUV"

Audi TT offroad concept.

Audi has revealed its new Audi TT offroad concept car in China, prior to the Beijing motor show.
"The Audi TT offroad concept provides a glimpse of how we might imagine a new model in the future TT family," said Audi technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg. "It will be the peak sporting SUV in its class.
"We chose to present the Audi TT offroad concept in China, our second domestic market, because it represents the urban mobility of tomorrow: It is sustainable, dynamic, intelligent and connected".

A production version could reach the market in some two years' time but Hackenberg says that it will take six months for Audi to reach a decision on whether to give the model a green light.

The new concept is a four-door compact SUV that utilises a plug-in hybrid drive system. It's likely that the car, if it were to go into production, would directly rival the Range Rover Evoque, Porsche Macan and BMW X4.

At the front is a turbocharged 2.0-litre TFSI petrol engine that produces 288bhp and 280lb ft. It sends power to the front wheels via a six-speed dual-clutch transmission that features an integrated electric motor, rated at 40kw.

Mounted on the back axle is a second electric motor that outputs 85kW. An all-electric range of 50.05 km is possible, with the total range for the new concept claimed to be 879km. Electric power comes from a 12kWh battery mounted in front of the rear axle.

It's claimed that the system, which produces 402bhp allows the to be capable of 0-62kph in 5.2sec and has a limited top speed of 250kph. CO2 emissions are rated at 45g/km.
Audi's concept additionally features wireless charging, allowing the car to simply be parked over a plate to receive a charge. The manufacturer states that it takes "about as long as charging via a cable" and that the technology is around 90 per cent efficient.

In pure EV mode only the rear electric motor functions, propelling the concept up to 80.8mph. In hybrid mode all three drives work together, while a 'Sport' mode is offered for maximum system output. With both front and rear drives operational, the concept effectively functions as an 'e-tron quattro'.
Underpinning the TT offroad concept is the Volkswagen Audi Group's versatile MQB platform, and the car has similar dimensions to the recently revealed third-gen Audi TT.

Externally the TT offroad concept features 21-inch alloy wheels, Audi's new 'Singleframe' grille and 'Matrix' LED headlights. Many cues are also taken from the previous Allroad Shooting Brake concept, seen in January at the Detroit motor show.
Inside the cabin shares the majority of its architecture with that of the new Audi TT. There is seating for four, heavily bolstered front seats with integrated head restraints and myriad practical touches including a multifunction steering wheel and numerous storage points.
One of the highlights is the addition of Audi's new virtual cockpit, a 12.3-inch TFT display that is customisable to display information desired by the driver, such as navigation instructions.
Rear passengers are catered for with Audi's new 'Smart Displays', which can stream live TV, access route planning and other media functions.
Additional new features include a junction merging assistant and a traffic light system that can display the remaining light time at upcoming lights.
Audi had previously previewed the new concept in a series of design sketches.

Courtesy: AutoCarIndia dot com

New Viking Concept motorcycle from Henrik Fisker

New Viking Concept motorcycle will get V-twin engine, will go into production if it is received well.

Viking motorcycle concept.

Danish custom motorcycle company Lauge Jensen unveiled its new Viking Concept motorcycle at the Top Marques show in Monaco. The new Viking concept has been designed by Fisker co-founder Henrik Fisker, renowned automobile designer, who previously run design teams at Aston Martin and BMW.
Commenting on the design, Fisker said: "It’s been a dream of mine to design and create a motorcycle for many years and this is the first time I have the freedom to go and do it."
Lauge Jensen has said that the new bike retains the classic cruiser look but there has been more emphasis on a dynamic, flowing design. The tank, seat and rear fender are styled to produce a seamless transition, something Fisker believes is unique in the market.

The new Viking concept is powered by an American air-cooled V-twin engine that produces around 100bhp, allowing a top speed in excess of 209kph..
The engine on the new Viking concept has been tuned to meet the forthcoming, more stringent, Euro IV emissions regulations. Fisker says it is the first motorcycle of its kind to comply with the new requirements.
Lauge Jensen currently makes the limited edition 'Great Dane' custom cruiser, which costs upwards of £35,000 (over Rs 35 lakh). The company intends to put the new Viking concept into production if it is received positively. The Viking will be priced lower than the Great Dane.
Anderes Kirk Johansen, a Danish businessman who comes from the family that brought Lego to the market, bought Lauge Jensen in 2013. He says: "We have been developing the Viking Concept for some time. Potentially, it’s the next step for our company beyond our limited production Great Dane custom bike.

"It’s great to have Henrik, one of the world’s leading vehicle designers and a fellow Dane working in partnership with us to help create a really special, emotional design. Revealing a concept bike is all about gauging demand but, if it’s there, I look forward to producing the Viking Concept for the mainstream market."
Fisker produced the hybrid Karma before being declared bankrupt in late 2013 due to operational complications. He has since begun working in the USA as a design consultant.

Courtesy: AutoCarIndia dot com

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